Welcome to Maven World.

By way of a career in trend forecasting, advertising, and a long time love for fashion and pop culture and social issues, I left a full time job at a major ad agency one year ago to focus on a career as a writer. Sure, it's great to work in my pajamas and spend much needed time with my dog, but what's even cooler is people are reading what I have to say. When social media first came around, I was an avid Facebooker- updating statuses and sharing links with vigor. It seemed that my friends were digging it all, so I decided to start a blog that spoke to all the things I love- my muses, fashion sightings, social commentary, and inspirational musings for those looking to agent up a little change in their own lives. I started the blog with no other intention than to start writing on a daily basis- I majored in Journalism in college and writing came very easily to me- and throughout my work life, it didn't. Just like that.

The daily blogging helped me get my groove back, and from that came assignments from brands, marketing communications agencies, and high profile exec types that needed some help from a ghost writer. I love finding the voice of people I admire and enjoy writing op eds, social commentary, and blog posts for those that are too overscheduled to do it themselves. I also love writing about trends, discovering small blips and seismic shifts that affect where we are and where we headed. I read voraciously and have moved back to New York so that I can fully explore what the greatest city in the world has to offer in terms of my creative endeavors. I am always not only seeing what's in the stores, at the movies, or in the restaurants, but really "looking" to spot what's coming.

I can write about most topics from women's issues and trends to healthcare to sex to fashion to music to politics. I love researching, finessing, and taking my voice to today's content driven world. My style is editorial, breezy, bold, and approachable. I'm happy to be here and more than happy to work with you. Please visit my blog at http://sherimaven.posthaven.com/ to get a sense for the things I dig on most days.