Bill Cunningham and 'The Art of Seeing'

The Workbook, April 27th, 2011

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The documentary is a must see for anybody who is passionate about (in no particular order): photography, creativity, fashion, New York, and true characters who don’t compromise for anybody. But my big takeaway is how Cunningham’s candid street style and society shots are proof of our obsession (and his) with authenticity and gazing at how life is lived. Bill was doing all of this way before social media, where the ordinary often is extraordinary and our voyeuristic-gone-wild pursuit of every habit, every thought, and every photo we can feast upon in this age of “sharing is caring,” is considered the new normal. I’m just fascinated that Bill knew enough about the human condition not only to show us how people dress, but to know enough about all of us that we would want to see those incredible narratives and are equally obsessed with glimpsing into the lives and looks of others. In Bill’s images, we do indeed see every picture telling a story of how we lived and dressed from the 60s until now. Oh and P.S., he still shoots with film. Yes that’s right-FILM.