On Chaos

Yours truly, January 25th, 2012

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This was a post I wrote about chaos and the goodness of it...hope you enjoy it.

I realized early on in my life that I love chaos. It's probably why I love New York so much- it's pure beautiful, heaving, bulgy chaos and that's just about my speed. It's chaos for the greater good though- because great ideas are born here, great food is eaten here, and great deals are done here. I have always loved chaos at work too, but only in the interest of making something great or that the excitement over an idea or project or next big thing is almost too much to bear- that your mind gets so engaged at the possibilities of doing good work that chaos ensues, because you can't control it, nor should you. I love the flurry of it all and I can't help it. It seduces me every time.

But then there's people who don't like to play this way. They try to squash the chaos, try to make too many rules, try to kill all the fun. I'm not saying we should all work in a lawless way, but when you try too hard to get the old ducks in a row, you're going to miss all the fun. In this world, right this very minute, there is so much insanity happening, and you need to revel in the chaos. I myself find that I have to work with a television on (NY 1 mostly) or sit in a cafe with people all around me because I like the buzziness of noise, of chaos, of life. I am not one to work in a vacuum, because even as I am sitting and concentrating I need the distraction of "else", because that else may just give me a good idea